Millions of people go hungry. Help us put an end to hunger.



We are high school students in Rockland County with a goal to help people who are hungry and reduce food waste. Based in Piermont, NY we are working with Food Recovery organizations, throughout the County, to accomplish our goal.


Rockland Community Against Hunger, (RCAH), is a collaboration of over 40 food pantries and feeding programs in Rockland County. In 2011, RCAH began a food recovery program for all participating pantries. Led by TOUCH, (Together Our Unity Can Heal), with support from BRIDGES and Meals on Wheels, RCAH has recovered over 4 million pounds of food.

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Project Hungry is a rare but sensational project that helps give aid to local food pantries and feeding programs that have too little. Project Hungry has a goal to help increase the amount of food available to these agencies while lowering food waste in our community. We accomplish this by using technology to help food pantries and feeding programs get food delivered to them.


In collaboration with students and business partners, this issue can be addressed by creating a website to connect our food recovery programs to food pantries. Thus, allowing food pantries to view what food is readily available. Therefore, enabling food pantries and feeding programs to select food to be distributed to them. Simultaneously, younger generations will be educated about the issue of hunger.


Project Hungry is aware that the problems of food insecurity and food waste are issues that won’t be abolished entirely in Rockland County. However, additional food can be allocated to more people in need while lowering food waste one step at a time.

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